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Scholarship in furniture design

Scholarly furniture designer Björn Höglander from northern Sweden lives in Stockholm since after he finished his studies 2007. Crafts made by this designer is incredible, created with high skills and accuracy. 

Open 7 days a week

Welcome to drop by, between 10 am - 16.30 pm every day. We have beautiful swedish salvaged hardwood (räddat ädelträ), your visit will be an wood experience.


To make sure we are in the workshop, send us a text before you leave. Find us with Google Maps

A local family business

Week ends or holidays – we are here, we are home and we are happy to have you, just notice us in advance. The work shop (verkstaden) is the familys Heart and we love our unique crafts. When you come by we can show you our finest wood.

Our crafts is unique art

Only creativity limits the possibilities. We belive in uniqueness and high quality. We also think that limited edition products, design accessories and a timeless interior are something you are passionate about and  –  gladly invest time in. 

We offer free consulting

Free consulting in the work shop

In our work shop you can choose slabs (plankor) directly from our stock. All measure is mandatory before we can get to the fun  part and start to custom your furniture in detail.

Free Consulting Online

You can meet us online via Zoom, Whatsapp or Google Meeting. We are experts and easily can choose the right hardwood for your unique custom furniture to be. We will help and guide you all the way. No worries.

Free consulting by phone

We can proceed forward easily when you have a clear vision about exactly how rough the table should be. Prepare for these kind of questions.

I am curious about salvaged swedish wood

It is wonderful that you think salvaged swedish wood could be someting for you and your future furniture. We have customers loving wood and and what we do, visiting us just to learn more. You are warmly welcome!

How do I book free consulting?

By writing to us.

Write or call us at sundsoradeltra@outlook.com

+46 (0) 720163025 and tell us you want free consulting for 20 minutes. We are curious and want to know all about your furniture vision, give out as much details as you can. The more info we get to know before the meeting the more you will get out from us during the time slot offered.

Hästhagsvägen 3,

155 91 Nykvarn,

Stockholm County


Org. 969785-0312